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Election night.  Bill O’Reilly says the reason President Obama was re-elected is because 50% of the population want “stuff.”As much as I hate to admit it, O’Reilly is correct.  I do want “stuff.” Here’s the “stuff” I want:

1.   Respect–for my gender.  I’m a woman, and I’ve seen the dismissal of      my gender, which, while not given the equality we deserve for years, has not only been held in stasis recently, but has been attacked, ridiculed and reduced.

2.   Respect–for my business.  Not to be taken advantage of by bankers (as an individual and taxpayer.)  When I rely on a loan officer’s expertise to assist me in acquiring a home loan I expect him not to use his knowledge as a weapon against me.  I expect not to be lied and stolen from.  I expect him to be worthy of the trust I give him.  I also expect him to have the decency to blow the whistle if his superiors order him to do otherwise.

3.   Respect–for my work.  Acknowledgement that is I work for you I am helping continue your business, helping make it sustainable and profitable.  do I want what you get?  No.  but without me you wouldn’t get what you get.  while I work for you and am glad to have a job and be productive you should appreciate me for my participation in keeping your business going.

4.   Respect–for my vote.  That I will not be told lies that are patently false and are being debunked before my eyes, yet you continue to espouse them.  That when I go to vote, my vote will not be erased.  My vote will not be manipulated.  I will not be told to go to the wrong polling place, or get a call telling me that my day to vote has changed when it hasn’t.  Iwill not be made to stand in lines for hours on the hope I will abandon my vote, my voice.

You see, Mr. O’ Reilly, the stuff I want has nothing to do with government handouts, entitlements or whatever else you had in mind.  Simply put, the “stuff” I want is respect for my humanity and a fair shake.

There it is, Mr. O’Reilly.  Any compassionate, caring and respectful person would understand the “stuff” I want…which explains your error.